Fun Activities

Kids Fun AcitivitiesAre you looking for fun activities for your child?

Our “Child Care Centre” is a solution, and is exceptionally kid and family friendly, offering fun activities in a safe environment.

With computer games, access to the internet and video, it is frequently hard for parents to compete for his or her children’s interest. What is worse is the fact that lots of children are missing out on “low tech” games, such as dance or hide and seek.

Actions really are an excellent method to show children that learning can be enjoyable.

These actions for children include hands on projects and games which are both fascinating and informative. Fun activities experienced by children in preschool can extend throughout the rest of their lives. In areas that range from mathematics, designed games, sports, to interactive socializing, there’s something to assist in the development of any child.

It’s no surprise to hear that kids need daily doses of exercise in their lives. Regular activity helps children build healthy minds. It also enhances self esteem, boosts concentration and lessens mood swings.

Some of our fun activities…

Our Early Education Program offers an array of services tailored to young children, from 30 months to school age, which include:

Creative Art

fun activities creative art

Dramatic Play

fun activities dramatic play

Early Literacy

fun time early literacy

Science and Math

funactivities math and science

Cultural Activies

fun activities cultural art

Outdoor Activities

fun activities outdoor activities

Sand and Water Play

fun activities sand and water play

Circle Time and Music


Environmental Awareness

fun activitites - environmental awareness

Our “Qualicum Child Care Centre” is a place where children have the opportunity to develop interactive social skills while sharing in fun activities.

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